Hey everyone!

So, the semester is winding down, but events are still happening here at ‘Berg!

This past Thursday was my first go at the Muhlenberg housing lottery. Everyone in the college is assigned a lottery number, then goes to pick rooms in that order (numbers are given out by class). Every Muhlenberg student is guaranteed on-campus housing all four years, and sophomores tend to continue to live in hall-style dorms. However, for larger groups, there is suite living available, in the Benfer dorm. My friends and I all wanted to live together, and since we had a group of 8, we decided to sign up for a Benfer suite! Housing was a pretty stressful experience, since you can’t know which dorms will exactly be available, but luckily a girl in my group had a low number. And we got our Benfer!


So that was a huge weight off my shoulders. Then, Sunday was Relay for Life! As part of Colleges Against Cancer, I relayed with my team from 10 am to 10 pm. A cappella groups performed, as well as dance teams and other student performers. There was Zumba on Brown Lawn, and plenty of food! Relay altogether raised over $40,000 for the American Cancer Society, which is incredible! My team personally held an on-site fundraiser of tie-dyeing! We tie-dyed old Relay t-shirts and made a bit of money for ACS!


Now it’s time to start studying! I only have 9 more days of my freshman year left…it’s crazy!




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Well it has been a wild weekend, but after everything settled our baseball team has made it to the playoffs. It has been 6 years since Muhlenberg baseball has played in the conference tournament, and we have finally made it back. I am so excited to be apart of the team that has been able to do it.

It has been a crazy up and down season for us. We have lost some tough games and won some amazing last inning games as well. The best part is knowing that all of the hard work that has been put in since the fall has paid off. Our goal has been to make the playoffs and we have done it. It is unbelievable to be able to share this experience with all of my teammates.

The other three teams that made it are Haverford, Gettysburg, and Johns Hopkins. We have split with all three of these teams, so we know that there is no one unbeatable in the tournament. No matter what happens this season it has been a year that I will never forget.

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End of Junior Year

It is amazing to me that it is the last week of classes for junior year. I can’t believe that it has been three years since I moved in for freshman year. I can remember that first day moving all of my stuff into Walz. At that point I didn’t know a single person and I was as nervous as I’ve ever been.

Now I am a week of classes and a week of finals away from being a senior. I can remember the feeling of knowing no one, and now I have met so many people that I have made lifelong friendships with. Back freshman year, I just wanted to go home and see all my friends from high school. Now, I still love going home, but there is no better feeling then heading back to school and seeing everyone on campus.

One year from now, I will be graduating from college and entering the real world. At this point, I am still going to avoid that thought. I still have a full year of school left to enjoy. There is no doubt I will take in everything from senior year. It’s going to be a great year, but I am not rushing to get there; I want to enjoy every second of it.

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Hey everybody!

So, here at Muhlenberg freshman just completed registration for fall ’14 classes. I’m still undeclared (you don’t have to declare your major until sophomore year here, folks!), but I’m leaning towards a business major, and playing with the idea of adding a psychology double major. But I’d also really love to study abroad, so nothing is decided yet.

This fall, I’m enrolled in the following courses:

  • Intermediate French 2, continuing to expand my language skills
  • Macroeconomics, a business prerequisite
  • Statistical Analysis, another business prereq, but I also just really like math!
  • Industrial/Organizational psychology, or the study of how people behave in a business environment
  • Private piano lessons
  • The Dana sophomore seminar…this is a course for those enrolled in the Dana honors program. The sophomore seminar meets once a week, but its primary purpose is to be a service-learning class, and to have the weekly meetings serve as sort of check-ins. I believe we will be doing our service learning with schools in the Allentown school district, but I don’t think we’ve formally decided anything yet.
  • Possibly a tap class!

As you can see, I’m taking classes towards both of my (possible) majors, but I still have room to continue to take classes that interest me, or just that I love. That’s one of the great things about Muhlenberg, I don’t have to compromise what I love to fit a bunch of pre mandated requirements. I’m actually encouraged to follow my most random interests! I’m pretty excited about my classes, and the fact that I have 0 8AMs and only 1 Friday class doesn’t hurt either.

This past weekend was Easter vacation at Muhlenberg. Since I’m Jewish and don’t celebrate Easter, I spent the weekend traveling around my home state of Virginia to visit my friends at their schools! I’m glad the weather is finally nice because I was walking outside A LOT. It was great to catch up with my friends and see my family. I miss them so much at school, and I’m grateful to have had this break.


Well, with nice weather and the last break out of the way, that means one thing: finals time is near! I’m glad that we had the weekend off, because from now on, it’s full out finals prep time. I go home in 15 days, and there is a LOT to do in the meantime!




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Baseball Update

Another week has gone by and we are still playing well. We won two out of three games this past weekend including a split with Gettysburg who is the top team in our conference. This has helped us hold on to second place in the conference, but there are a few teams that aren’t far behind us.

For us to make the conference playoffs we need to finish in the top 4 of our conference. In the two previous years that I have been here we were officially eliminated at this point in the season. The fact that we are sitting in second place with 5 games left to play is amazing.

This is our last week of the season. We end the season on Saturday and hopefully when the weekend comes to an end our season won’t be over yet. If we can continue to play good baseball this week, then we will have ourselves a chance to be in the playoffs.

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