It was another big weekend for our baseball team. We went to Franklin and Marshall on Saturday and left with a sweep. This puts us at 6-3, which is good for second place in the conference. Our goal is to be in the top 4 so that we make the playoffs, which is only a few weeks away.

This is the half way point for our season. We still have 9 games left to play and some very tough teams on our schedule. Hopefully we can continue to play well and win enough games to get us in. After two tough seasons the last two years it is really nice to be relevant and right in the middle of the conference. It is not fun when you have to play games at the end of the year that don’t mean anything. At least we know that we still have a lot of meaningful games left to play.

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This week at Muhlenberg, I saw a total of 5 performances. The week kicked off with a bonfire where some Acapella groups performed. That weekend, Ben Folds came to campus! Three days later, a few of my friends went to New Jersey to see  Gavin Degraw Concert, and then that Saturday was Acapella Fest, where all of the Acapella groups perform in Empie Theater. Our school also invites groups from Lafayette, Syracuse, and other schools to come perform. Later that night, Aaron Carter came to campus to perform. That day also happened to be my birthday so when I walked into my room, it looked like this!

My suitemates decorated my room and surprised me when I walked in!

My suitemates decorated my room and surprised me when I walked in!

(Aaron Carter also hugged me when he found out it was my birthday… Not going to lie, my ten-year-old self was jumping for joy).

Picture Proof!

Picture Proof!

Here is a video of a few different clips I have from the performances!

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Hey everybody!

So, I had quite a musical weekend. First, on Friday night, a group of talented productions put on the Rocky Horror Picture Show! They do the show once a semester, with a different cast each time. It’s a great way to introduce students to the fun traditions in a safe environment, as well as being yet another incredible performance opportunity.

Then Saturday night was quite the musical event! First was A Cappella Fest, an annual fundraiser Muhlenberg hosts where all the proceeds go to the Allentown School District to help fund music programs. Each of Muhlenberg’s six a cappella groups performed, as well as guest groups from around the country, including The Gw Vibes, Lafayette Chorduroys, Vocal Point, Deep Treble, Extreme Key, Orange Appeal, and Off the Record. Each group showed uniqueness in strengths and styles, and solidarity in love of and talent for music.


After a cappella fest, it was time for the Aaron Carter concert! Yes, it’s not a joke, Aaron Carter (think of the song “I Want Candy”) actually performed at Muhlenberg! The event was announced on April Fool’s day, but the early 2000′s pop sensation did actually appear. He was a great performer who could still sing quite well. I had an absolutely fantastic time!


Last, throughout the weekend, I had a special guest: my boyfriend! He goes to a big state school back home, but he came to visit for the weekend. As it was his first time seeing any of our a cappella choirs, he was really impressed! He also enjoyed Aaron Carter and Muhlenberg in general! It was great to share my home with him, and I’m so glad he had a good time. But really, at Muhlenberg, how could you not?


Well, it was a fantastic weekend filled with music, laughter, and plenty of good times! Basically, it was a typical weekend at ‘Berg.






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Winning and Warmer Weather

Sports are always a lot of fun – that is the whole point of playing your sport. There is one thing that makes it that much better, and that is winning. This just increases the amount of fun that everyone has and makes you that much more excited to get to the next game and play again.

After starting 0-2, our baseball team has now won three straight conference games. This is the whole reason I brought this point up, after all. We went to McDaniel on Saturday and had two crazy games that we won. Then we came back on Sunday and won a make-up game to finish off a great weekend.

Now, there are a lot more games to be played over the next week, but this has been a very good stretch for us. It also doesn’t hurt that the weather was amazing this weekend. After a cold and snowy winter we finally had some good weather to play in. Obviously, that can always change quick, but for now any game we can play when its warm out our team will take.

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Hey everyone!

So last week was all about getting homework done…but never fear, there’s never a dull week at Muhlenberg! The Muhlenberg Outdoors Club held a bonfire on the library lawn to celebrate the start of spring. Two a cappella groups performed, and there were even s’mores and hot chocolate!


And now I want to talk about preparing for next year. As a rising sophomore, it’s only my second time going through the registration process for classes. I think I’ve gotten the hang of it, but there are still WAY too many classes I want to take! I’m pretty undecided about my major, but at the moment I’m highly considering a business psychology double major. Since I haven’t taken any of the prerequisites for the business major, next semester I’m planning on getting started with those and taking courses in economics and statistics. I also hope to take another psych course, and continue with both piano and French.

Additionally, as part of the Dana Scholars program, I have to take a sophomore seminar with my Dana class.  The class is going to be once a week, on Thursday nights. I’m not entirely sure what we’ll be doing, but I know that there is a service learning requirement within the class, so I’ll be going out into the community and volunteering with my peers!

The housing lottery is also coming up! Muhlenberg guarantees housing for all students. Since freshman can only live in three dorms, that wasn’t too complicated, but to house the other ~2,000 students is a big deal! Muhlenberg has a lottery system, where numbers are randomly given out. Everyone receives a number, and that’s the order in which you pick your room. Rising seniors get the first numbers, then rising juniors, and then the rising sophomores! But the good news is, you go with the highest number in your group of potential roommates. So, if you’re a rising sophomore who will be living with a senior, you’ll have a much better number! Personally, I’m planning on living with other rising sophomores. We’re hoping to live in the 8 person suite called Benfer. Lottery numbers are coming out this week, and I really hope everything works out!

Till next time!



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