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Hey all!

Well, yes, there has been even MORE snow this past week, earning Muhlenberg not one but TWO snow days! I, for one, am sick of this snow, and can’t wait for it all to just melt.

But I feel as though all I’ve been talking about for the past month is the weather! So today, I want to talk about sports and food.

First off, sports! Muhlenberg has a beautiful Life Sports Center, complete with a weight room, cardio room, pool, several basket ball courts, a track, and some delicious smoothies. There are great classes offered, such as Zumba, spin class, and even ballet barre workout! I try to go to the gym several times a week. Like most colleges, Muhlenberg has an intramural sports program, where non-official student teams compete against each other. Recently, my friends have created a basketball team for the male basketball intramural league. With a Twitter, Facebook page, and team nicknames, they’re pretty into it! They’re not the best team, but they’re a lot of fun to watch.



Second, food! Muhlenberg has delicious food at any time during the year. But this past week, they had a special chef,¬†Navin Khadilkar, cook for the campus! I don’t personally like Indian food, but look at this ridiculous line! Clearly, chef Khadilkar¬†was a hit!


Well, there’s a little taste (pun intended) of what’s been happening in between snowstorms here at ‘Berg. Here’s to hoping the worst of winter has passed!


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